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Rounded book covers are very popular for book calendars with imitation leather covers, notebooks or diaries with refined fabric covers, and children's books. The perfect finish of the cover material in the rounding is a distinctive quality feature. Casemaker machines have proven themselves, especially in the industrial production of long-lasting rounded corners for hard book covers.

book cover

Next Generation Casemaker

Longevity and durability are just some of the advantages of hardcover products. Binding materials and production techniques have been continuously improved, which has led to lower manufacturing costs and improved quality. The print runs of hardcover books are shrinking and publishers are endeavouring to keep stocks as low as possible. 

Our range of casemakers delivers outstanding performance and productivity

They cover the range from 40 to 65 cases/min and satisfy the most demanding criteria for professional casemaking.

  • DA 290 – large formats up to max. 1,050 x 735 mm
  • DA 370 – extensive equipment variants: integrated corner cutting, perfect round corner shaping
  • DA 370 Digital – for digital printing products with variable centre strip widths of continuous production
  • DA 260 – allrounder for versatile applications

Variations of book cases

board cover

Round corner with 3 pcs - roll centre strip

board cover

Round corner case with 3 pcs - board centre strip

board cover

Book case with 3 pcs – board centre strip

board cover

Calendar stand with 4 pcs - 2 board centre strips

board cover

Quarter bound case - asymmetric cloth

board cover

Box file - one piece with inside lining

board cover

4-knife digital bookcases - boards for different formats

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Casemaker DA 260

Flexible machine for the production of hardcovers, cassette- and box covers

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