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Compliance & Whistleblowing

Whistleblower Act – Internal Reporting Office

To ensure that our organisation behaves ethically and in accordance with the law, we have set up an internal reporting office in the form of this whistleblower system. This serves to clarify and prevent violations. All employees as well as our business partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) have the opportunity to report violations of laws here. On this secure whistleblower page, you can submit a new tip or log into existing tips to view our feedback or resume communication.

Please use this link to our internal reporting office

Important information on how to use the Whistleblower System:
The whistleblower system is used to receive tips on violations of laws. For general complaints or questions about our products, please contact us at our general contact address.

Please only provide references if you are certain that the facts communicated are true. Knowingly untruthful assertions or untrue facts are to be refrained from, as the whistleblower may thereby be liable to prosecution under certain circumstances.

There are also external, public reporting centres for submitting tips: