Casemaker DA 290

Casemaker for industrial processing of large-format boards

When it comes to large-format processing, the DA 290 has been designed with exemplary consideration for ergonomics. The functionality is comparable with that of the other familiar KOLBUS automated casemakers.

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The KOLBUS Copilot® system guarantees easy operation and fast make-ready via the multi-touchscreen.

  • Processing of large-format boards
  • Fully automated manufacture
  • Varied production possibilities: book covers, files, posters, calendar back pages, games or packaging components
DA 290 Min. Max.
Case – size range opened case (width  x height) 300 x 210 mm 1050 x 735 mm
Cloth (width  x height) 765 x 200 mm 1080 x 290 mm
Boards Thickness 1 mm 4 mm
Mechanical speed   Up to 40 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials etc.

Good ergonomics includes having all infeed and delivery zones at an ergonomically correct height so that operators can work easily and with minimum fatigue. To change formats, the complete gluing system is slid out of the machine and a new matrix plate with a cut-to-size matrix is fixed onto the cloth cylinder.

Together with the specialists from Ludo Fact, KOLBUS developed a completely new system configuration that combines two of KOLBUS' tried-and-tested DA 290 Casemakers. The DA 290 allows the processing of large-format sheets up to 1050 x 735 mm at 40 cycles per minute and offers a high degree of automation from the board feeder to the stacker. Other features include excellent handling and ergonomics, precise material guidance and great application flexibility. In addition to dispersion glue, the DA 290 can also process hot melt glue (gelatine). All operating steps can be carried out while the machine is running, while at the same time ensuring maximum work safety. The challenge was to use two of these machines to realise non-stop production with maximum register accuracy between the two sides of the sheets. The precise alignment of the sheets was crucial here. 

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