Our claim stands for our central promise, our mission, our vision and our brand


We work on forward-looking technology for creative and sustainable product solutions made of cardboard, paper and board – Excellence, made in Germany, sums up what we offer. Our customers can rely on advanced technical solutions and the highest production and process reliability. This outstanding quality we owe not least to our inhouse experts.

In Motion

In Motion references not only the action of our machines during the production process, but also the continuous onward development of our product solutions and of the company as a whole. Thanks to our strong corporate community, we successfully combine tradition with innovation – while career development for all employees and for each individual employee is very close to our hearts.

EXCELLENCE IN MOTION is not only our motto today, it is also our mission for the future.


About us

For more than 250 years, KOLBUS in Rahden has been a family-owned company that blends tradition and innovation. Mastering the challenges of digitalisation, we are working hard to promote the sustainable use of resources and materials. Open dialogue is the basis for our responsible entrepreneurial actions. The development of our employees is particularly important to us. 


Production sites

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Mechanical engineering

From the casting to the assembled machine part, we attach great importance to quality. That is why we produce and assemble machines and components exclusively on site.

In the foundry as well as in the machining shop, quality assurance is based on REFA and Lean principles.

Right across the company

Communication is our top priority - internally and with our customers. We are aware that mistakes can happen. Through open communication, we ensure that mistakes are rectified quickly and sustainably and that we learn from them together.

Why we can do it

We actively promote an awareness of personal responsibility in order to not only maintain our quality, but to constantly improve it. This begins on a small scale with the individual worker, who checks his own part as a matter of course, and leads on a large scale to statistics and evaluations arising organically from the values that already exist in the company.

Apprentices in the factory
Apprentices in further training