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KOLBUS Box Line System

In the luxury packaging industry, maximum precision is required in the production of cardboard and paper packaging to ensure optimal presentation of the products in the boxes.

We offer our unique Box Line System that guarantees high precision together with efficiency, consistency, and cost-effectiveness in the automated processing of board, paper, and glue to create packaging for companies in the luxury packaging industry.


Retail packaging based on paper and cardboard

Paper is a natural product that can be excellently recycled. In addition, paper can be used universally and is suitable for complex products. As with plastic, flexible and rigid packaging can be made from paper. With coordinated production plants, productivity can be increased and manufacturing brought back close to the consumer.

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We offer a range of production systems for premium packaging deliver outstanding quality

The Boxline System produces stable, robust boxes from greyboard 1.5 to 4 mm thick in large or small production runs. High precision and exacting production standards deliver a premium product. The machines are suitable for a wide range of packaging, for example: 

  • Cardboard boxes with magnetic closures – BLM Magnet inserter
  • Boxes with sharply defined edges – NM Grooving machine
  • Boxes with flap lids and embossed designs – BLA Box assembler
  • Presentation and gift boxes, party and motto boxes – BLT/W Taper & Wrapper
  • Components for slipcases and inlays – BLP/F Puncher & Former
  • Slip-on lids and shoulder boxes – BLT/W Taper & Wrapper
  • Our experience

Mechanised production for consistent industrial quality

Based on almost 90 years of experience in the construction of casemakers, KOLBUS engineers have developed a wide range of machine modules for stable cardboard and paper packaging. 

By mastering fast and tool-free format changeovers, we create new opportunities for packaging manufacturers and their end customers in the consumer goods industry.

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Luxury packaging
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