Boxline Magnet Inserter BLM 800

Large format solution for the design of packaging with a magnetic closure

For automatically drilling of blind holes and for separation and gluing of magnets

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  • 4 Milling stations (Model BLM 880, 8 milling stations)
  • Nozzle system incl. waste exhaust system
  • Gluing station incl. premelter
  • Separation of magnets from the magazine
  • Optional: tools for steel disc separation
  • Up to four magnets or metal plates with separate optimized feeding units (Model BLM 880, 8 magnets/steel plates)
  • Format change-over – easy setting without tools 

 Recommended combination with casemaker DA 290 for lining

BLM 800 Min. Max.
Cardboard size range (width x heigth x thickness) 300 x 210 x 1.5 mm 1050 x 735 x 4 mm
Magnet- steel disc thickness 1 mm / 1.5 mm 2 mm
Magnet diameter 10 mm / 12 mm 15 mm
Steel disc diameter 12 mm 15 mm
Mechanical speed   Up to 40 cycles/min

Net performance depends on material and format

  • Elimination of processes: no labeling & no punching
  • Less material costs
  • Perfectly concealed magnets/steel plates
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