Grooving machine NM 101

Smooth cuts for perfect rigid board packaging

For cutting grooves in cardboard blanks and die-cut cardboard without corners. 100% accurate angles, smooth cuts and sharp edges for perfect rigid board packaging.

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  • Angled grooving - the KOLBUS NM 101 grooving machine for board sections has been redesigned
  • It can now produce up to 65 parts per minute, matched to the speed of the downstream casemaker
  • The special grooving knives can be adjusted to cut angles of 90° - 130°
  • Special grooving knives are adjustable from the outside of the machine
NM 101 Min. Max.
Infeed with board feeder, model CF 600 – Format size (width x height) 140 x 100 mm 1050 x 525 mm
Infeed with board feeder, model CF 700 – Format size  (width x height) 140 x 100 mm 1050 x 735 mm
Double magazin for parallel processing of two board blanks
2nd blank depend on the width of the 1st blank
455 x 455 mm 580 x 330 mm
< 250 mm in amount max. 910 mm
Board thickness 1 mm 4 mm
Number of grooves/cycle in running direction 1 8
Distance single groove 1 mm  
Mechanical speed   40 up to 65 components/min

Net performance depends on material and format

  • Sturdy, versatile box components thanks to smooth grooving cuts, through to a minimal last board/paper layer, combined with precision, ultra-thin application of glue for lining and counter-lining.
  • Knife positioning device with digital indicator
  • Precise positioning up to 1/10 mm
  • Large format machine
  • 100% angled boxes, sharp edges and smooth groove surfaces
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