Boxline Puncher & Former

Flexible production system for rigid box packaging

Innovative box production with new KOLBUS technology. The cross-grooved, cut-to-shape board is formed into trays, slip-on lids, and shoulder boxes with 100% right angles and sharply defined edges. Boxline corner puncher BLP 500 for punching cross-grooved boards or/and box former BLF 500 for production of boxes from cross-grooved and corner-punched boards.

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  • Precisely separation and alignment of the precut boards
  • Corner puncher with four corner knives
  • Boxes from cross-grooved precut boards
  • Cold gluing unit for gluing the grooves
  • Erecting unit for side walls
BLP - BLF 500 Min. Max.
Size range board (width x height x thickness) 140 x 140 x 1.5 mm 735 x 525 x 4 mm
Box height (external dimensions) 20 mm 170 mm
Box bottom (external dimensions) 56 x 56 mm 570 x 360 mm
Size range punched corner dependent on the external dimensions    
Mechanical speed
box height
  up to 40 cycles/min
> 115 mm / 35 cycles/min
> 135 mm / 30 cycles/min
> 150 mm / 25 cycles/min

Net production is subject to sizes, materials, etc.

A new way of making boxes

  • A punching die is not required
  • Waste material is removed automatically
  • Short set-up times
  • Format changes without retooling
  • Precisely cold-glued by the grooves
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