Embossing Press PE 312

Elegant effects for book covers and packaging

For industrial embossing of solid grey board in bookbinding and in the further processing of fine packaging. The stabilised embossing head guarantees precise embossing even with non-centred embossing clichés. For blind, relief or film embossing of rigid, flexible and plastic cases at up to 80 cycles/min.

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  • Blind, relief or hot foil stamping
  • Combination of micro-embossing and structure embossing
PE 312 Min. Max.
Hardcover 155 x 100 mm  660 x 405 mm
Flexible covers 135 x 100 mm 400 x 300 mm
Mechanical Speed   10 – 80 embossings/min

Net performance depends on material and format

The PE 312 processes the whole bandwidth of cover materials with blind, relief or film embossing. Can be adapted for optimal processing of different materials by stepless adjustment of temperature and embossing pressure and by adjusting embossing time in steps of 10 seconds. Matrix plate with hole grid for attaching embossing blocks. Save make-ready time by preparing the matrix plate offline.

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