MultiNova MN 400 – gluing system

Fast set up multipoint gluing machine for quick and efficient gluing of straight line boxes, slotted boxes, die cut boxes, 3-point crash-lock boxes etc. The MultiNova has an economic footprint as the compression section is located underneath the gluing section.

  • Gluing system job memory
  • Adjustable speed of gluing
  • Cold glue PVA glue system
  • Gluing by spraying or dotting
  • Autofeeding system for supply of corrugated board
  • Adjustable feeder gates
  • Automatic folding section
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The MULTI-NOVA MN 400 is an ideal finishing machine for space conscious sheet plants looking at converting small-large run lengths of tricky straight-line and crashlock box work. The MN 400 is an extremely quick set gluing machine: 5-10 minutes for straight-line or only 15-25 minutes for crashlock with computerised memory control for repeat glue position jobs.

MN 400 Min. Max.
Sheet straight line boxes (width x length) 300 x 100 mm 2000 x 1000 mm
Sheet width crash-lock boxes (width x length) 300 x 100 mm 1700 x 1000 mm
Board type:
Straight line
Crash lock

carton baord to BC double wall
carton board to EB double wall
Average speed
  Up to 1500 per hour
Up to 3000 per hour for small die cuts

Net performance depends on material and format

  • Quick and easy make-ready
  • Pressurized PVA gluing
  • Automatic belt-driven feed with electronic speed control and memory function
  • Extremely versatile at producing difficult panel sizes
  • Glues side seam jointing, die cutting and three-point crash-lock boxes.
  • Compression section returns underneath the machine for space saving, ergonomic design
  • Optional batch counter

All functions of this machine can be altered by each operator to cater for level of skill and production requirement - feeder speed, gapping distance and compression speed.
Finishing of boxes can happen at the back of the machine and with the unique feature is having the compression unit under the machine, they can go straight under the machine back towards an operator topping the machine up to be palletised. This machine is known for producing a 90% fold. Where the operator can control the quality of the finish. Extremely important when producing smaller quantities of high value work.

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