Autobox AB 300 with Flexo and MC

Boxmaker with modular options

The AutoBox and Multi-Cut module MC 300 can be set in seconds to produce over 100 different box styles, in sizes from small boxes to large wraps/folders. By adding the Multi-Cut module to the line, the number of box styles increases to over 100. The system can now produce boxes from the stock board, remove glue tabs, make extra creases, cut out windows, and die-cut hand holes or cross cuts.

Servo-controlled Flexo-Print module FP 300 for excellent accuracy and image quality.

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AB 300 + FP 300 + MC   Min. Max.
Sheet width 100 mm 2600 mm
Blank length 330 mm 8000 mm
Blank material single and double flutes  
Material thickness 2 mm 10 mm
Slotting length 200 mm 700 mm
Slotting distance 80 mm  
Offset single colour print module (print size)   Up to 990 x 1120 mm
Mechanical speed   Up to 100 m/min 

Net performance depends on material and format

  • AB 300 and MC 300 with a Multi-out option for increased productivity
  • Double the possible box style with a single module
  • 60 seconds set up 
  • AB 300 and FP 300 inline, offset single colour print module
  • 2 colour print option

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