This boxmaker grants you control over your boxmaking process by bringing the process in-house

The BOXER allows you to make short-run custom boxes at the click of a touchscreen button. The settings are responsive and flexible, autoset to provide the easiest usability. The machine is set up in one minute and learnt in less. Whether you’re a small or medium company, the  BOXER gives you control.

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This versatile, easy-to-use, and highly compact machine brings you super efficient, in-house box-making on your terms and at the push of a button.

  • Produces boxes on demand – no need for training or prior knowledge
  • Produce over 50 box styles according to the FEFCO codes, from pallets boxes to wraps, and in almost any size
  • Reduces the amount of stock boxes you need to hold, freeing valuable space
  • No minimum order – ultimate flexibility
  • Powered entirely by three-phase electric supply
  • Supplied on wheels, easy to install exactly where you want it
BX 200 Min. Max.
Sheet width 120 mm 1950 mm
Blank length 500 mm 8000 mm
Blank material single and double flutes  
Material thickness 1 mm 10 mm
Slotting length 200 mm 500 mm
Slotting distance 100 mm  
Mechanical speed   Up to 80 m/min 

Net performance depends on material and format

  • Flexible production system with the possibility of producing up to 600 boxes per hour
  • Fully auto-set via touchscreen
  • 1 color digital print available, dual color digital print available
  • Just-in-time production with minimal machine downtime for format changes
  • Allows you to limit stock and additional orders
  • Independence from box deliveries from specialized suppliers: no time is lost with your own deliveries
  • Problems that may arise in the event of suddenly reduced or increased production are eliminated

The AutoBox Boxer, known for its ease of use and efficiency in corrugated box production, has been purchased by many plants to enhance its packaging capabilities.
Get the perfect box every time with BX 200, customized to fit your needs!

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