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KOLBUS technicians installed the new DA 370 in October 2023 and immediately put it into operation. "The cooperation with the supplier was as smooth and cooperative as usual," says Sascha Terbeck. This also applies to the service, characterised by close contact and quick response. Terbeck: "We are completely satisfied!

Bookbindery Terbeck puts the fifth automatic casemaker from Rahden into operation.

When Sascha Terbeck talks about his KOLBUS DA 370, he sometimes goes into raptures. "KOLBUS is simply world-class," emphasises the second-generation managing partner of the Terbeck bookbindery based in Coesfeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. Founded in 1977, the company has around 35 employees and two production halls, making it one of the leading large-scale industrial bookbinding companies in Germany and internationally. "Where the work of other bookbinderies ends, Terbeck begins," says Sascha Terbeck, quoting his company's motto, which specialises in hardcover books.

Available in various versions, the KOLBUS DA 370 is an all-rounder, suitable for large and small runs through to customised products. In addition to hardcover books, these can include folders, binders, calendars, boxes, or games - in short, anything where greyboard is laminated with printed paper and high quality is required. It incorporates proven KOLBUS engineering expertise and manufacturing quality. The machine also has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate thanks to its well-thought-out ergonomics. This allows very short set-up times and fast job changes, which are increasingly in demand today.

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Sascha Terbeck and Casemaker DA 370